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There has been an increase in reported scams targeting job seekers in general, and we’ve been made aware of a small number of scam messages sent via WhatsApp and Facebook from individuals impersonating Madison employees. We encourage you to be vigilant with any communication of this nature across all social media platforms. Click here to see some tips and practical advice to help keep your information safe online.

Hiring Trends & Salary Guides

Combining practical market insights with valuable remuneration information, our annual Employment Market Report (EMR) is a one-stop-shop for both employers and job seekers alike, and includes:

  • Salary information for nearly 150 roles
  • Tips on how to attract and retain talent
  • Top 5 non-financial benefits job seekers want
  • Biggest challenges facing the employment market
  • Top 3 reasons employees move or accept a new role

Looking for your next job opportunity?

Good relationships can start from a chance meeting or a shared interest. Often though, a true bond is built over time by talking to one another, understanding each other, and sharing a dream or a vision. That’s why we’d rather get the formalities out of the way as quickly as possible – so we can concentrate on getting to know you better. If we can understand what makes you tick, we’re in a better position to help connect you with your next opportunity.

Discover great talent

We’ve been connecting Kiwis for more than 20 years.

We pride ourselves on being experts in permanent recruitment, temporary staffing and contractor resourcing, and we know the best way to add value is by gaining a deep understanding of your business – both commercially and culturally. We are genuine ‘people people’, and we know that finding the right person can make a big difference for your organisation.

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Our team of talented recruiters are here to help.
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Lara Evans
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Oliver Bastock
The Power of Partnership

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