Talent is Not Always Enough

Professional & Managerial

Over the weekend our former Olympic Gold Medallist Hamish Carter competed in his age bracket at the ITU Champs in Auckland. Admittedly he is no longer competing and has not been training like the old days…but he is a similar age to Kris Gemmell who won the Elite Men’s. Though once the best in the world, yesterday he came 6th and was beaten by some enthusiastic amateurs, guys who have never reached the heights he has.

Another bloke – Mr Martin Crowe, hung up his cricket boots for the second time, as he retired hurt from his 1st class cricket comeback. This is a guy who is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. And now, he couldn’t manage double figures against some young club cricketers – most of whom will not play provincial let alone national level cricket.

So what? Good question…

Nothing beats hard work! All the talent in the world is not enough on it’s own. At times we hear of natural sportspeople, natural salespeople…but don’t confuse being good at something with doing something easily. Natural talent won’t get us to the line every time…achieving success requires talent and hard work.

Have a great week.