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Shereen Low

Yesterday I attended my first #SMCAKL – the monthly event organised by the Social Media Club in Auckland. It’s been on my “to go” list for a long time and so it was apt that my first one was pertinent to my job – social media for recruitment. With over 170 registered to attend, the topic of recruitment was appealling. It promised better attendance than most events organised by the recruitment industry, for the recruitment industry!

Social Media

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I knew most of the panellists. I’m glad to say that it exceeded my expectations. Now don’t get me wrong – the speakers are all excellent innovators and wonderful individuals, it’s just that I underestimated the kind of energy that comes from 5 short, sharp presentations with just the right mix of complementary information:

1. Ben Irving ( covered the genesis of the job board and his company’s change of focus from a one stop job board to a central publishing platform from which to spread content (job ads).

2. Kirsti Grant (SocialSauce) touched on the importance of original content vs the sharing of others’ content, the rise of infographics, blogging, video and “money ball recruitment” (using a “big data” approach in finding like-minded talent with specific skillsets).

3. Angela Farrelly (Air New Zealand) focused on LinkedIn and presented very interesting stats on NZ users, including the peculiar “hobbit” skill that’s been listed on 243 profiles! She highlighted the lost business opportunities from the seeming lack of talent and advocated the smart use of technology (not the spam use) to find talent.

4. Sean Walters (Rice Consulting) talked about the inception and growth of their blog and its success in reaching talent all over the world.

5. Nick Houldsworth (Vend) provided examples of how they had communicated their employer brand using social media. It just goes to show how effective you can be with a video camera and some very random costumes!

Being the girly swot that I am, I furiously scribbled lots of notes, but I’ll condense it to my top take outs:

If you’re a recruiter / recruitment owner:

  • In sourcing talent, you also need to consider engaging with the influencers in their life.
  • Technology evolves and the world changes; therefore the nature of recruitment agencies has to change.
  • 79% of working professionals are considered passive. If you’re only relying on the 21% active job hunters to come to you then you’re adding no value.
  • How smart is your recruitment team in finding/mining the data [that leads to talent that] technology has made available?

If you’re an employer

  • Be creative in communicating who you are and how you conduct your recruitment. It may mean putting yourself and your staff in front of a camera, but it will serve to strengthen your employer brand and attract future talent in a tight talent market. It pays to think outside the square and dare to be a little different.

If you’re a job hunter

  • Using SEEK to apply for several roles says something about the (in)effectiveness of your network
  • On whether you should change your LinkedIn profile for each different job you apply for – it’s best to have one LinkedIn profile (that is 100% complete) and use the Application Form/Cover Letter to tailor to the job.
  • Employers love it when you can take a different approach to applying. If you’ve seen a job opportunity via an infographic, think about transposing your CV into an infographic when you apply. Now that’s attention grabbing, of the good sort.

If you’re an avid social media user (or would like to be)

  • You know this one, but some people really need to hear it again! Take heed – what you say online, stays online.
  • Does what you say come naturally? You have to “do social media” regularly but if it doesn’t flow from passion, or if you’re not being authentic people see right through it. And there’ll be a disconnect when those virtual connections finally turn into a meaningful face to face connection.

Whoops….I have pretty much typed out all my notes. It must mean there were lots of worthwhile take outs! My thanks to the SMCAKL team and panellists for a Monday evening well spent.