Which Motivator is Most Important?

Business Support

Changing career paths, returning to the workforce, or staying in the same position but moving industries can be a nervous and exciting time. One of the most important questions I ask during an interview is ‘what motivates you in a role’? Candidates will either rattle off different points, or sit there with a blank expression on their face. If you are able to rattle off different points, great job! You have obviously done your homework. For those who haven’t thought about what is important to you, I have some ideas below.

To identify what motivates you in a role, think about what stands out to you, what your interests are, and what drives you.

  • Salary: Is salary a key factor in your decision? Do you have salary expectations in mind, and are they reflective of the current market?
  • Personal Development: Do you want to work for a company that gives you the opportunity to train and up-skill?
  • Company Brand: Is having a strong brand in the market important to you? Do you want to be proud to say you work for XXX?
  • Team Fit: Do you want to work within a small or big team? Are you happy to share a few vinos with your work colleagues outside of work? Think about the type of team you want to be a part of.
  • Career Progression: Does moving up the ladder interest you? Do you want to have the opportunity to apply for various roles within an organisation?
  • Job Security: Would you be happy to work for various companies on temporary assignments, or work for one company within a permanent role?

When I speak to candidates, motivation can change for various reasons – family, personal, or business. For example, if you are a solo mum, salary and job security could be your main motivators. On the other hand, if you are a young student, you may be more motivated by team fit.  As a recruiter, I like to understand my candidates’ situation and what makes them tick to ensure I fully understand the types of roles which could be of interest to them.

Help us help yourself – be clear and consistent about what is of interest, and let your recruiter know!