Exceptional Service – Just the Norm

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I was on a client visit the other day. During the conversation with the client, we talked about Madison and how we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service. The client made a very good point when he said that everyone expects excellent service now as the norm; having service that’s just ‘good’ will get you left behind. He was from a customer service industry and I could not agree more. There is A LOT of competition, particularly in the recruitment industry. In order to succeed, exceptional service has to be the focus. It has never been a better time to be a consumer – they have a lot of power in the market place.

At Madison, we understand what is required to have ‘stand out’ service, which is why our recruitment has proved so successful. Having worked here for 2 years now, it is interesting to see that every consultant truly believes, lives, and breathes this value. Speaking to clients, it is all too common to hear them talk about how they’ve had to deal with other suppliers who have not called back or who have just plain forgotten to do something. It is even more apparent working in Hamilton. Living in the Tron is like living in a big village; everyone knows everyone, which is why you have to be careful with how you conduct yourself. I am sure there are similar cases around New Zealand, which is why it is so important that the service we give our clients is excellent. A large part of our business is referrals, and this is down to that excellent service we are known for.

As a Consultant, I have always operated with a high sense of integrity and pride when dealing with people. I like to be honest, set, and make sure people are kept informed. This might seem very straight forward, but everything adds up to providing that excellent service. Clients appreciate this and candidates enjoy dealing with us for this reason.

Next time you are having trouble with a customer, ask yourself ‘How would I feel in that situation?’ – I have always found this works for me. No one wants to have to deal with someone who is being ‘difficult’, but there is normally a good reason; being honest and setting expectations usually helps with this. So ‘treat others as you want to be treated’; put yourself in your customer’s shoes and strive to be the best.