Thinking About Jumping Ship in the New Year?

Recruitment Industry Tips & Tricks

This time of year is a funny one. If you are anything like me, it’s the time of year that makes you feel like you are holding out for something. It’s the final stretch before the finish line and you are tired. All you want to do is lay in the sun (umm, Summer, where are you?) and read a book – but wait! Here come all the Christmas parties, social gatherings, plans, plans, and more plans.

The holiday season is a great time of year, and despite the seemingly endless social season, there is a light on the horizon. The New Year is almost here and you may be thinking – do I want to be doing the same job next year?

Enter: your New Year’s Resolutions.

Personally, I’m not very good at the whole resolutions thing. I tend to set a bunch of resolutions and seldom follow through, but I am a firm believer of reflecting on the year past and what you see for the year ahead. What made you really happy last year? Now set goals to spend more time doing that.

You spend approximately 2,250 hours per year at work; that’s a lot of your time! I don’t wake up every morning to rainbows and butterflies and skip to work, but I do look forward to heading into an office to be with a team I enjoy being around and do work that is meaningful to me. It isn’t always easy – but if it was, it would be boring.

Here are some signs that perhaps it is time to rethink where you spend such a large amount of your time:

  1. You lack passion. Remember that one time that you were excited about your job? Find that again.
  2. You are consistently stressed, negative, and unhappy at work. Anxious just thinking about work?
  3. You don’t believe in the company or product. There is nothing worse than trying to sell something you don’t believe in. If you can’t talk about the company you work for in a positive light, something is wrong.
  4. You dislike the people you work with. I can’t imagine working somewhere where I didn’t have a fun work environment. Call me spoilt, but I have always worked in great work environments and I wouldn’t settle for anything less.
  5. Your performance is suffering. Are you kicking as hard as you can and only just keeping your head above water? See number 1 – perhaps this could be a part of non-performance.
  6. No work life balance. This shouldn’t be a question – work is important, but so are you. There are plenty of times when I have put in long hours to achieve a goal or nail a project. I don’t mind those hours at times, because I am happy with my work. If you are lacking any sort of balance and it’s not by choice, it’s time to re-evaluate.
  7. Not utilising your potential. Are you capable of more but there is no more room to move? Have that conversation with your manager. If this situation is the reality, get thinking.
  8. You are bored and stagnating. No brainer, really. If you are bored, chances are you’re lacking that passion again.

I’m not saying that you should think immediately about whether or not you should change jobs in the New Year, but if you are, and you identify with any of the above, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about new goals for the New Year.