The inside scoop – a recruiter’s world: Episode 3

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Family plays a key role in my life, influencing who I am today. In this week’s episode, I share some insight into this, as well as my career pathway and some advice for the younger me.

Olivia Fortuin

How I became a Recruitment Consultant:

I started my career as a Customer Service Consultant in the Banking and Insurance Industry.  After 7 years in Insurance, I embarked on my journey as a PA in the Government Sector, working my way up from Team Secretary to Executive Assistant to the Director of HR. I moved from this position to an Internal Recruitment position and then later secured my role as a Consultant at Madison Recruitment.

My funniest/most embarrassing moment as a Recruitment Consultant:

I think one of the funniest moments I’ve had, is ripping my dress just before a really important meeting and having the entire team rally around me to find a suitable jacket to cover the dress, and get to the meeting on time.

The biggest challenge in my career:

Getting three kids to school and getting through traffic!

Who I admire and why:

My Grandmother. My grandmother raised her three boys as a widow in South Africa. She worked at nights as a nurse and would run 40 mins to and from work every day. She worked hard so that I could have the opportunities I have today.

If I could do any other job in the world, it would be:

I would love to be a carer in an orphanage.

If I could rewind 10 years and give myself a piece of advice, it would be:       

Love yourself, be kind to yourself and appreciate time with your family.

The best piece of advice that’s helped me in my career:

Relationship is key

A highlight of my career in recruitment so far:

Seeing one of my team members grow and take over my role of Office Manager, and complete her studies in the process.

The best place in Wellington to get a coffee/drink/food:              

I love Chow

If I didn’t live in Wellington, I would be in:

Somewhere warm with family; Cape Town or Brisbane

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