New Job, Big Change…. Don’t panic, you have got this!

Business Support
Grainne Frizzell

Starting a new job is like a journey. There are highs, and some unexpected lows. Most of us will experience this emotional rollercoaster when starting out in a new role – don’t let it get you down! I’d like to share some advice that’s helped me during these times and where I’ve found inspiration along the way.

When you enter an environment where you challenge yourself, you should expect to not get it right the first time. However, I would encourage you to take time to take stock of what you’re doing, and look to improve. Think ‘how can I do that differently next time?’, rather than focusing on a downfall. Your new role is one of the many steps along your career journey, use it to learn and grow.

Every new employee takes time to get the hang of a new environment. You’re not going to nail it on day one. Work hard, be patient and kind to yourself, and do your BEST!  Embrace what is unique about you and showcase this at work!  Remember why you were hired into the role, and draw on those strengths.

I have gathered great inspiration from a speech by Steve Jobs to a graduating class in 2005, where he discusses three of his life lessons and encourages graduates to ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. “Believe the dots will connect later down the road, even when it leads you off the well warn path… Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become, everything else is secondary”.

Steve Jobs’ speech inspired me, so let it inspire you! Check it out here: