Our most precious commodity – time

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Recently I watched the film American Hustle. Now, while I was not a big fan of the movie – there was one phrase that really caught my attention. One of the main characters sat down with one of his clients and said ‘However, my fee is non-refundable. Just like my time.’ This really made me think and the more I did – the more I liked this quote. Time is our most precious commodity and in our modern times this can be forgotten quite easily.

One of the things I always say to my candidates when they come into see me is to thank them for their time. They have taken the time out of their day to come and see me and it is upwards of an hour. Too many times people waste time and get nothing from it. How often have you looked at the clock and thought ‘How is it 4pm? I have not completed what I wanted to do today.’ As a recruitment consultant – we are busy people. But so is everyone else and that is important to remember. One of my colleagues made the mistake of asking one of his clients if he was busy. The sarcastic response made for an awkward meeting but a very funny story!

I always try and utilise my time when I am with a client or with a candidate. Whilst their time is important – mine is equally as important to deliver the best possible service. I need to make sure that I get the most out of meetings and interviews to ensure a positive outcome. This is always in the back of my mind. But a word of caution – you can’t rush through meetings as this will have the opposite effect.

So next time you think about doing a certain task or activity – think ‘is this worth the time that I will allocate to this particular task?’. Going back to the start of this blog – our time is non-refundable – so make sure that you utilise the opportunities you have and get the most out of them. If you don’t – someone else will.