The inside scoop – a recruiter’s world: Episode 5

Business Support

As a recent member of the Wellington Business Support team, I’m publishing a new episode of ‘The inside scoop – a recruiter’s world’ blog series.

Find out how I became a Recruitment Consultant and what I’d be doing now if I could have any job in the world… It might not be what you think!

Lauren MoutonHow I became a Recruitment Consultant:
After returning home from a few years living and working in London, I came to Madison seeking new and exciting opportunities. They then placed me on two really great short term temporary assignments. The overall experience I received through Madison was so amazing that I just had to leap at the chance to become one of them.

My funniest/most embarrassing moment as a Recruitment Consultant:
I am very thankful that I am yet to encounter an embarrassing moment, but knowing my track record, this will be just around the corner.

The biggest challenge in my career:
Dressing for the corporate environment. Gone are the days of jeans and jandels as per my London work wardrobe. Yes I know, London and jandels really don’t go hand in hand but when you work for a Kiwi/Aussie plumbing company then that is called ‘Corporate’ attire.

Who I admire and why:
Fulltime working mothers/fathers. I struggle to just sort myself out in the mornings let alone dress, feed and prep an entire family of small people plus yourselves. Then they do it all again at the other end of the day, when all I do is lie on the couch.

If I could do any other job in the world, it would be:
I have always had the dream of being the first female All Blacks coach. I am an absolute rugby nutter. I would also quite happily settle for the role of their physio/masseuse for the obvious reason that Steve Hansen doesn’t look like he is going anywhere in a hurry. No other reason of course.

If I could rewind 10 years and give myself a piece of advice, it would be:
Save, save, save!

The best piece of advice that’s helped me in my career:
Service with a smile will get you long way.

A highlight in my recruitment career so far:
Placing my first perm candidate within my first two weeks. She is such an awesome lady as well, so I was over the moon for her!

The best place in Wellington to get a coffee/drink/food:
The French Bakery across the road for coffee. You can’t beat them for their 8am banter. It really says something about the person if I am willing to talk to them in the morning pre coffee!

If I didn’t live in Wellington, I would be:
Straight back to London in a heartbeat. A close second would be lying on Muri Beach with a cocktail in hand.  I have been all over the world and this truly is my favourite paradise.

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