Keeping it real

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I’ve had an interesting few first months transitioning from the gorgeous Sunshine of Queensland to delightful Wellington. We’ve managed to find a lovely little home and enjoy the Wellington hills and water views. My boys have settled into school and I feel like I’m finding my feet.

During this time I’ve also had the honour and absolute privilege of helping to occasionally care for my best friend’s mum, Teresa, who has been battling cancer. We’ve had some amazing times over cups of tea and toast, which on one occasion I took too long and was asked if I was using an old toaster?!:), Dr’s visits (with her gorgeous boots which were not at all practical but looked amazing), hospital visits, hospice visits and finally home for the final part of her journey.

I often hear the words don’t mix business with pleasure; try and keep work and home life separate; and yes there is definitely a time and place for everything, however I believe that our personal experiences in life mould and affect the way we feel and behave at work.

I’ve learnt some important lessons from my time with Teresa which I would like to share:

Keep going

When you’re a little tired and weary and you don’t feel like attending a meeting or getting ready for work.  Get dressed and keep moving.

Teresa kept fighting, even when she could hardly get out of bed and was in so much pain, she kept going, she kept fighting.

There have been times that I’ve just wanted to stay home and lay on the couch, but I dragged myself to work and I’ve been so pleased that I’ve caught up with a client or candidate who has made me smile and giggle.

Always be polite

Teresa at every stage of her battle was always kind and considerate of others. She always said thank you, knew the names of the nurses and always smiled.

Keeping it real

On one of my visits with Teresa, I asked how she was feeling about what she was going through. Teresa spoke of her children, husband and grandchildren and important life events like her granddaughters balls, graduations and weddings that she will not get to see. Time with family is precious.

Be passionate about your commitments

Teresa was the biggest All black and Hurricane supporter on the planet. I’ve sat and watched a number of games with her. She dragged her husband Mike around the country to all the games and could give you a full run down commentary if required. She was passionate about her love of the game.

She was over the moon when recently she had a visit from All Blacks Filo Tiatia, Norm Hewitt and Hurricanes, Bradley Shields and Reggie Goodes.

I have now said goodbye to my friend and I thank her for these life lessons and the honour of having time with her.

I choose to be passionate and keep going even when times are tough

Thanks Teresa x