Workplace happiness & why I celebrate my ‘birthday month’

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I’m a big proponent of making sure when you’re looking for a new role that the organisation matches what you’re after just as much as the role itself. Long term happiness at work is largely dependent on how happy you are in the environment itself; you can have the dream job on paper but if you feel like an outsider it’s tough to be totally content at work. You want you and your employer to be like a marmite and chip sandwich, not a peanut butter and chip sandwich, right?

I’m also a big proponent of birthdays. So for me, a culture that celebrates birthdays is important, and is something that creates happiness in the work place. Ask any of my friends, or anyone I’ve worked with, and they’ll tell you I make a BIG deal out of my birthday!

Why Birthdays?

I can’t help it, I just love birthdays – others’ birthdays because you get to make someone feel super special for the day, and mine because it means I can use it as an excuse to spend time with my friends, doing things we might not normally do (or occasionally things they might not want to do i.e. karaoke mwahahaha).

To give you an idea of how important it is to me, outside of work, I tend to have three birthday celebrations across the month of November.  As I’m getting older I tend to get reactions along the lines of “you won’t be so excited about getting older soon, Lorrin” but I have to say, I’m not sure I see this happening.

Part of the reason I find birthdays so special is spending time with all your friends, and as you get older and everyone’s settling down, that free time to do something silly (like ten-pin bowling for instance) can be a rarity. I’m at that stage in life where I’m going to multiple weddings and baby showers per year and my friends are all becoming ‘grown ups’. I like to think I’m being a great friend by giving them three dates to choose from, rather than just the one!

What creates your workplace happiness?

I’m also at that point in life where the expectation is you will have solidified what you want to do career-wise and have established a successful little niche in the world of work. I’m very lucky to have figured out early, that recruitment is what I love doing, but I also know having interviewed hundreds of people over the last eight years, that not everybody is in the same boat as me.

Part of our role as Consultants at Madison is to consult with job seekers to find out what it is they truly want to do with the 40 odd hours they spend at work each week. Rather than just ticking boxes for what you ‘can do’, it’s equally important for us to understand what it is you ‘want to do’ so if it’s important to you that the organisation you work for appreciates your quirks (such as, celebrating a birthday month) then make sure we know! I was fortunate to have a friend already working at Madison before I started so she assured me Madison wouldn’t balk at me milking by birthday for all its worth all month long.


I tend to spend a bit of time reflecting on the “year that’s been” during my birthday month. There’s nothing like getting older to make you think about what you’ve achieved so far, and whether or not that aligns with what you want for your future. Getting together with your friends is one of the best ways to nut out all of life’s ups and downs, and celebrating your birthday for 30 days provides plenty of opportunities to do just that!

So in conclusion, I highly recommend you celebrate your birthday all month long from now on, and if on reflection you’re feeling like your job’s just not “cutting the mustard for you anymore”, let’s have a chat (cake’s on you though because it’s my birthday month!).