An Extension of Your Business

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When I started in this industry, a wise old client once said ‘you get the best results when you’re in bed together’. Although a metaphor, it brought the room to laughter. After 10 years, I still look back on that meeting fondly, as it truly was a partnership that benefited both his business and mine.

With the new year rolling around, I have recently completed several reviews with clients.  It was interesting to see the difference in time to fill – comparing the tenure of placements and the value-add services we were able to provide, between those companies that have a true partnership methodology with Madison and those that don’t.

This got me thinking – do all our clients view us that way? Are they reaping all of the benefits that a close partnership provides?

There are three key aspects that stand out as part of these partnerships that contribute to successful outcomes:

1. Disclose everything

Imagine emailing a GST return to an accountancy firm, requesting that they provide a full service, including comprehensive fiscal advice for your business, without additional information. Chances are that the firm would have to ask a few more questions to enable them to provide the right advice and deliver their best service. That’s not too dissimilar to recruitment. All too often recruiters are emailed not much more than a position description and asked to find the perfect candidate. Without spending time with the hiring manager, understanding the team culture and the company values and direction, we’re running a little blind. Strong partnerships, however, are based on regular and transparent communication. The more we know about your business, the higher the chance of us delivering the right person, the first time.

2. Ditch a big panel of suppliers for closer relationships

This is a regularly debated topic, but after spending over eight years in recruitment, I’ve seen some excellent partnerships which have resulted in many outstanding hires. The stats tell us that fill rates are higher, the time to fill is faster, and the hires stay longer. It’s a much more enjoyable recruitment experience for the recruiter and hiring manager when roles are not multi-listed with several recruitment suppliers.

Finding top talent is getting harder, and passive candidates don’t respond to any old advert. A quick database search or throwing an ad online just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Without an exclusive period to recruit, agencies don’t always have the time to be thorough with their database searching, nor can they spend time tapping into online and offline communities where passive candidates may be. Give them a fair chance at delivering the right result.

3. Get more than you asked for

Have you ever been on the receiving end when you’ve been good to someone? After spending just a few minutes chatting to the dairy owner the other day, finding out how her day had been, my two scoop ice cream ended up far bigger than others before me. Coincidence? No! There is often forgotten value in building relationships. More often than not, when a strong relationship has been created, the client receives more time, resource and attention.

Thinking about the clients I have just completed a review with; we offered several complimentary value-add services including position description creation, market and salary information, interview training, as well as several morning teas to help lift spirits during stressful periods.

Let us become an extension of your business

Like a creative and/or media agency will become an extension of your marketing team, a recruitment agency also works best as an extension of your business.

It may all sound pretty simple, but unfortunately the benefits are not realised when companies forego long term relationships in search of quick-fire results. Clients who work with us like part of their own team, enable us to share their same thinking. This creates a trustworthy business partnership in which we learn and grow from each other. As a result, we can better deliver the right people for the right jobs at the right time.