How to Dress for Work in the Summer Months

Business Support
Businesswoman sitting in a park on the grass

Well, this sounds like a bit of a joke really as we haven’t seen much of a summer as yet, but I read the other day that our old mate Jim is predicting Wellington to see it around February.

So, when that little ray of yellow does finally decide to show its face, then you will want to be prepared….

Ladies, please remember to dress for the office and not for the beach i.e State Insurance Tower appropriate, not Summer Bay appropriate! Whether headed to your own office, or to an interview,  be mindful of how much ‘skin’ you have on show. If you have to question it, then it probably is too short or too low. If you’re lucky enough to be hitting the beach before or after, take a change of clothes or wear layers.

Gents, please also dress for the occasion. Trouser and sneaker combo is only appropriate whilst getting yourself from the train to the office. If the role you are applying for would require you to wear a shirt and tie, then wear a shirt and tie even though you may be sweltering.

When you are meeting with our consultants, treat it as a proper interview. You are making an impression that we are going to base our recommendation on, if /when we represent you for roles. We don’t forget a first impression, so make sure you give us your best one!

Also, remember to be sun smart. Don’t be that red guy sitting in the office after a lunchtime stroll along the waterfront. Keep some sunblock handy on your desk.

Make us remember you for all the right reasons, what is on the inside, not what is on the outside.

Happy Summer, or lack thereof!