The Human in Recruitment

Recruitment Industry

I met a woman recently for an interview and, as we went through her CV and I covered off her journey through jobs and in between jobs, she openly shared some pretty wonderful insights into her life. I was inspired to see this wonderful strong woman in front of me who had been through some really hard things, but was so full of light and joy. I was really honoured to be interviewing her and hearing her story.

Every day there are moments that I am grateful for my job and remember why I love it, and that’s because it’s so human!! I see all types of different people and it’s great; it’s why I have such a passion for this industry.

We, as recruiters, must not forget the privilege we have of being invited to share in this part of people’s journeys, and what a hard and scary time job seeking can be for people. I have met a lot of recruiters, and people in all sorts of jobs, who have disconnected from the ‘human’ in the transaction, customer service employees included. It’s easy to become cynical, negative, distrustful and even judgemental when you bring your past negative experiences into a situation and they cloud the moment.

I think it’s helpful to check yourself regularly to see if you are going into each experience with a clean slate or bringing ‘stuff’ with you… including bias, judgements, etc. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to simply treat others as human beings, just like you!