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When it comes to job searching, it is very common to apply for several different roles at the same time. This could provide more opportunities for you, who wouldn’t want that? However, if you don’t remember which job you have applied for, or you haven’t read the role’s specific requirements, then you should be thinking twice about hitting the submit button!

When screening applications, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: many candidates apply for roles without thoroughly reading the job’s requirements. Each time you apply for a job, it’s in your best interests to make sure you do a little research on the company you are applying to, as well as ensuring you understand the role’s responsibilities. It will save you time in the long run.

Here are some helpful suggestions to consider when you are busy applying for roles, to ensure it is the right role for you!

Filtering online

Utilise the filter functions online. When you are searching for a role on a job board, you have the ability to filter the search results within a salary bracket that meets your needs and expectations. This can avoid any disappointments during the phone screening or interview stages.

Slow down and read through the advertisement

We take the time to write detailed advertisements to ensure we attract the right calibre of candidates for each role. In an advertisement, we like to include information about the company we are recruiting for, the responsibilities of the role, and the experience and qualifications required by our client to perform the job. As a candidate, ask yourself – do I have the experience listed in the advertisement? Do I have transferable skills that can be used in this role? Is this job located in an area I can travel to?  If the answer is yes, then please do continue.

Doing your research

If there is company information on the advertisement, do some research to find out if it’s a company you want to work for, or if it’s an industry you want to work in. Visit the company website, check out their social media channels. Remember, you are not just finding a role for ‘now’, but you are also finding a company or industry to grow your future career.  You have access to so much information about your potential employer, don’t wait until interview stage to find out more about whether or not this is the organisation for you.

Write things down

Take a note of every single job you apply for. Write down the job reference number, company details, role specifications, the date you applied and contact details of the person handling the recruit. This can help you avoid applying for the same job twice (it does happen!), as well as preparing for any phone calls you may receive from a company.

Pick up the phone

If you are unsure if you meet the role’s requirements, feel free to pick up the phone.  Madison job advertisements usually include a contact Consultant’s name and we welcome your call. This not only shows you are taking initiative, but you will be creating a great first impression!

Remember, preparation is the key to job searching success. It is important to do your homework first before applying for a role. Happy job searching!


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