Tidy desk, tidy you

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Tidy desk, tidy you

I’m a firm believer in being organised and try my best to keep things in place. I can’t profess that this extends to every aspect of my life (let’s not discuss my floordrobe or amount of unnecessary beauty products), BUT the ‘’work me’’ is strict when it comes to my workspace being tidy and presentable. Considering that we spend around 40 hours a week working, we owe it to ourselves to have our files, folders, stationary, personal items and any desk flair, together and in place. Having a messy desk does nothing for my productivity, it gets me flustered and ultimately makes me less efficient; spending time scrambling about looking for something that I swear I just had in my hand – #recruiterissues! Making a conscious effort to keep your area tidy will stop you from blaming that unproductive Wednesday on your desk being disorganised.

Regardless of whether your wider office looks like a bomb has hit it or whether it’s pristine clean, having your own personal space up to scratch and in order will have more of an effect on your daily flow than what you may think. It doesn’t matter if you work from home, in an open plan office, a small office, a private office or even in a 20 storey shared building, these simple wee tips can help you take your day from chaos to smooth sailing:

1. Keep’em close

If you are using items every day, ensure they are easily accessible for you to grab. This means that you can put away that fancy writing pen that you are too afraid to write with anyway, along with anything else that is collecting dust.

2. File it!

I would be lost without my file holders and folder racks, not to mention the clear to see labels identifying what each section is for. Not only does it keep my desk tidy, but my team and I know that there’s only one place the file could be.
The same applies for digital files. Keep your documents and folders filed away in a logical place that your team will understand. This enables them to access important information when you’re away.

3. Wipe, spray and clean

Nobody wants that work bug, right? If the office cleaner only looks after the communal areas, then ensure you keep your workspace clean by giving it a rub down with disinfectant every once in a while! #immunesystemforthewin

4. Rubbish is for the bin!

Why put it on your desk if you’re not going to use it? Get rid of all the junk on your desk, yes even those old post-it notes and to-do lists which are half completed… make a new list! If you really cannot bear to lose it, then scan it and file on your computer.

5. Make it your own

Most offices are pretty relaxed when it comes to adding personal items or desk flair. Having these little items, notes and pictures on my desk not only makes it my own, but can help put a smile on my face and bring me back to reality if ever I need it.

6. New day – new desk

If you’ve had a crazy day and the last thing on your mind is tidying the landfill site that is your desk, then think again. It may seem like a chore, but mess invites mess and the last thing you want to do is come in bright and breezy the next morning / week and have to deal with the trials of the day before!