Building a lucky life

Business Support Professional & Managerial
Lance Gilbert
Hoping for luck

As an intangible feature of human life, luck gets a bad rap and lacks credibility because it can’t really be measured or planned for. We are so metrics-focused these days, it seems like if we can’t measure something, it can’t be taken seriously. However sometimes there are factors in our lives which do have a big effect and which while unmeasurable, can be the difference between victory and defeat, happy days or glum outcomes. Luck is one of these intangible factors.

So, what is luck? One definition is ‘success or failure apparently brought about by chance rather than through one’s own actions’. ‘Chance’ is the occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause. Note the key words in this definition ‘obvious intention or cause’.  In our current, instant-gratification society, we’re becoming increasingly conditioned to have only brief attention spans which only let us see the short-term connections between cause and effect. We often miss the longer-term view. However sometimes the hard work we put into things with the goal of a successful outcome may not bear fruit immediately. Cause and effect often don’t track in a straight line, and we may interpret successful outcomes as luck or chance, when these seemingly random events actually came about through our focused intention.

When viewed this way, perhaps luck can be defined differently and it’s therefore possible to be a luckier person; to harness luck for your own purposes. Working in recruitment, this means always looking outward and building connections with people who aren’t necessarily going to help you to fill today’s vacant role…but could work with you in the future. Prepare yourself for luck by being present, going to that event, writing that recommendation or referring that great candidate to someone else.

As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. In today’s world, the wonders of technology have unfortunately made us exceedingly impatient and blind to the outcomes that eventually circle back to us when the timing is right, and when everything else falls into line. Sometimes the missing variable required for a successful outcome is busy elsewhere and we should trust that it’ll get here at just the right time; even if that isn’t to your liking. This is particularly true in the recruitment world, where so much of what we do is based on relationships, but is relevant in any industry where people interact with other people (pretty much all of them!).

In my humble opinion, success in recruitment, or any endeavor for that matter, is all about a combination of good habits, consistency, integrity, hard work and a positive attitude. If you put in the work and trust it will all come together then it will­ – just maybe not overnight. I’m a firm believer that on the flip side, impatience and a bad attitude can derail positive outcomes that have taken the scenic route to get to you.  If you’re not where you want to be just yet, or achieving what you’d like to; take the longer-term view. Remind your manager that patience is a virtue; and prepare yourself for luck.