A Traveller’s Tale

Business Support Temp Staff

In September last year, passport ready and visa sorted, I got on board a plane in Paris, and a mere 24 hours later I arrived in Auckland. My aim was to buy a van and travel the country while doing casual jobs along the way to finance the trip.

Arriving and finding accommodation in the country was easy. Finding a van was also easy. But I was lost when it came to finding work. I checked all the job boards at local hostels, did job board searches, and registered on HelpX hoping to do WWOOFing. Eventually, I got the chance to stay with two different families, one in Coromandel and one on a dairy farm up north. These were two very different experiences—both very fulfilling. I got the chance to learn a lot about local culture, the people and life on a farm!  However after those two postings, I wasn’t sure what else to do. Just when I thought I was out of options, the hostel manager gave me the details of four recruitment agencies to call, who might be able to help.

I called each of the agencies, and filled out their online forms. Madison Recruitment was the first to contact me and invite me for an interview.

The Madison team were all very friendly, and the interview went really well. What I enjoyed the most was talking to my consultant and her thinking out of the box in order to find me a job. Not only did she take the time to listen and understand my experience, but she really thought about what would be the best fit role for me. She mentioned an idea: instead of travelling and working at the same time, I could work two months on a temporary assignment and then travel with the money I earned. This is exactly what I did!

Because of the team at Madison I was able to see New Zealand. All the way from the lighthouse at Cape Reinga, down to a busy signpost in Bluff.


When my travels found me back in Auckland, I immediately knew who to turn to. I contacted the team at Madison, asking them to again help me find a job. This time the team had a different proposition for me; there was a temporary role they thought I would be suitable for, within the Madison team.

You see, back in France, I’d had some recruitment experience. I had a role hiring temps to accompany kids abroad during the summer holidays. My Consultant suggested that I could get back into recruitment, and when they offered me this chance, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to expand my experience—another benefit of temping. Here I am, many months later, working as an associate consultant, as part of the Business Support Team. I get to do what I love the most, working in recruitment, in a fast paced environment and enjoying finding jobs for candidates: travellers, or otherwise!

Planning your own trip Down Under?

Working as a temp was for me a great option to earn enough money to travel around the country. It made me understand much better the culture, and Kiwis in general. If you’re reading this from an overseas destination with your visa sorted, perhaps planning a southern hemisphere summer and wondering about how to make it work, I recommend giving temp work a go!


Not sure if you are eligible for a visa to work in New Zealand? We recommend checking out Immigration New Zealand’s website.