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Lead Like Richie

Business Support Employers

A topic that is often discussed is leadership. Loads of people claim that they have exceptional leadership qualities, yet when you talk to their peers or employees, this is not the case. If there is good leadership in the business, then the business will do well. And that is quite often correct. But how do…

Which Motivator is Most Important?

Business Support

Changing career paths, returning to the workforce, or staying in the same position but moving industries can be a nervous and exciting time. One of the most important questions I ask during an interview is ‘what motivates you in a role’? Candidates will either rattle off different points, or sit there with a blank expression…

Turning a Weakness into a Strength

Business Support

When I am interviewing candidates, I ask the question ‘What are your strengths?’. People often screw up their faces before they respond! I enjoy watching the reaction – it gives me an indication of the preparation they’ve done prior to the interview. However, this is a common question and candidates are more than happy to…

Temping Through Madison

Business Support Temp Staff

As I have primarily worked in the temporary recruitment space, I have had the pleasure of meeting candidates every day who are often at a bit of a crossroads in their life. They may have been overseas for many years and have now returned to NZ, suddenly finding themselves in their 30s and back living…

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