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Temping Through Madison

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As I have primarily worked in the temporary recruitment space, I have had the pleasure of meeting candidates every day who are often at a bit of a crossroads in their life. They may have been overseas for many years and have now returned to NZ, suddenly finding themselves in their 30s and back living…

It’s Not a Choice…

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What is your first thought when you see a homeless person? Is it sadness? Repulsion? Annoyance? Did they choose this life or was it thrust upon them? Do you avert your gaze and pretend they don’t exist when you walk by thinking “what a bloody eyesore I wish someone would move them on”? I don’t…

First Year With First Foundation: Dear Past Kanna

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First Foundation is an educational trust that aims to help financially disadvantaged youth by awarding scholarships to those who may not otherwise be in the position to pursue tertiary education. The First Foundation Scholarship is based on a four-year programme that includes financial assistance, a mentor, and paid part-time work experience with a scholarship partner.…

Kanna Yamasaki

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