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Fourth Year With First Foundation: A Helping Hand


The year I turned seventeen, I received a scholarship from First Foundation, an educational trust aimed at helping financially disadvantaged youth pursue tertiary education. In addition to paying for my university fees and supplying me with a mentor, the scholarship offered me part-time work experience with Madison. Four years on, I’m twenty-one, graduating with two…

Kanna Yamasaki

Embracing the Robot Revolution

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A minor avalanche of recent media reports has painted a bleak future for our employment landscape, casting robots and automation as villains destroying jobs by the million. A possible genesis was a September report from the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Australia’s Future Workforce. The report found “a high probability that 40% of Australia’s…

Lead Like Richie

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A topic that is often discussed is leadership. Loads of people claim that they have exceptional leadership qualities, yet when you talk to their peers or employees, this is not the case. If there is good leadership in the business, then the business will do well. And that is quite often correct. But how do…

How Important Is Your Work Environment?


How important is your work environment to you? More importantly, how important is your work environment to your staff, and how much value do you place on creating a fun, yet productive employee-friendly culture? If you haven’t got on board with what’s important to your staff, then it’s time you did! With the economy strengthening,…

The Next Chapter


This week I finally got to break the news. AWF Group, a 25 year old operation and New Zealand’s only recruitment firm listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange is purchasing the shareholding of The Madison Group. Being an open and transparent person, I must admit that keeping something this big under wraps was tough…

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