EMR 2022

Combining practical market insights with valuable remuneration information, this report is a one-stop-shop for both employers and job seekers alike, and includes:

  • Salary information for 148 roles
  • Tips on how to attract and retain talent
  • Top 5 non-financial benefits job seekers want
  • Biggest challenges facing the employment market
  • Top 3 reasons employees move or accept a new role

Plus loads more – check it out!

Previous Reports

EMR 2021

The pandemic and extended lockdowns had major ramifications for businesses, and transformed the way job seekers look for jobs. It accelerated some trends and reversed others. From the introduction of ‘essential workers’, to the Government’s new COVID-19 legislations, we saw many changes to the NZ employment market in 2021.

EMR 2020

The arrival of COVID-19 meant 2020 was a rollercoaster of successes, change, and the need for new ways of working. The effects on the way that we work were far and wide. Working from home became essential and flexibility became a requirement. Uncertainty rattled the market in the second half of the year but we saw resilience like never before!