Jade McWilliams

Business Partner - Managed Services – Auckland, Managed Services
Phone: 09 526 2653

A bit about me

When I first arrived in New Zealand after a year of travelling in Australia, I stuck to what I knew and went to a recruitment agency, as I had been temping for the last year. Little did I know that one week after registering as a temp with Madison, that I would be starting the best job ever as the Business Support Candidate Manager for South Auckland!

Whilst my home of Northern Ireland may be a casual 18,000kms away (pretty far!), NZ now feels like home. Beyond the beautiful scenery and glorious hours of sunshine, the main thing I’ve fallen in love with (being a ‘people-person’ and a Psychology Graduate) is the people of NZ. My job gives me the opportunity to meet new people every day by sourcing, managing and maintaining a great bunch of candidates who are looking for their next opportunity. My focus is not to find just any candidate but to accurately attract skilled candidates who can facilitate our clients demand for experienced and trusted employees.