Lisa Weimann

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A bit about me

Born in Germany, I grew up in a beautiful place called Lorelei, which has many castles along the Rhine River and is its own little fairy tale. After I left high school, my passion for people led me to become a specialist in employment services.

Overdue for a change in scenery, I packed up my life a few years ago and moved to Australia where I started my career in sales and tourism. The role of Travel Consultant enabled me to explore Australasia and this is how I found myself in New Zealand – a place I can now call home. Combining my previous career and sales experience, in 2019 I joined Madison in the Wellington Business Support team.

Outside of work, I try to stay active, join dance classes and walk other people’s dogs. Whenever I find time on the weekends, I follow my travel and adrenaline addiction and get out of town, to explore New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty.

What people say

“I am very thankful to my consultant Lisa, who showed, during the entire recruitment process, a very high level of professionalism, making sure that I understand every step of the recruitment process and making me confident of my qualifications for the job.”