Wendy Clarke

Wendy Clarke
Consultant – Christchurch, Contractor Resourcing, Permanent Recruitment, Property and Construction
Phone: 03 366 6226

A bit about me

I came to Christchurch in 2013 to roll my sleeves up on the Christchurch rebuild after 20 years in Marketing and Operations in Property and Construction in Auckland. What I discovered was the wonderful world of recruitment, and I love it! My first role in Christchurch was with a construction firm who said to me, “How about applying your marketing skills to promote our company to attract great people?” What a fantastic opportunity.

Since then, I have been a recruiter, both internally and now with Madison. I broker intermediate and senior roles in Sales and Marketing, and the Property and Construction sectors. What I love about this job is that it’s all about the people; the clients, the candidates, my colleagues. It’s a privilege to connect people with the right opportunities and see them flourish in their own careers and personal lives.

What people say

“Wendy kept me focused and encouraged. In fact if Wendy had not followed through and supported me I would not have continued with my application.”