Psychometric Profiling

The wrong hiring decision not only incurs a monetary cost, it can also adversely affect the morale of others in your organisation. Psychometric profiling provides more objectivity, and otherwise untapped insights into the candidate’s preferred behavioural styles and potential beyond hard skills. Psychometric testing also provides information for use beyond the selection process. By gaining further information around a staff member’s preferences and abilities it allows employers to create and provide for more tailored learning and development opportunities.

Madison Consulting is able to undertake a consultative process with you to assess your needs and recommend the best testing solution for the role. We have access to a wide range of psychometric tools in the market place and rather than align ourselves to any single provider of these tools, we have chosen to gain accreditation in what we believe to be the best available psychometric tests in the marketplace. We have an on-going relationship with OPRA, Selector New Zealand and SHL, as well as owning our own in-house psychometric tool. We facilitate and deliver:

  • Madison Predictor Integrated Assessment Profiling
  • OPRA Psychometric Testing
  • Saville & Holdsworth (SHL) Psychometric Testing
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