Recruitment experience
The Recruitment Experience: Expectations vs Reality

August marks my 13 year anniversary in the world of recruitment. This milestone has led me to reflect on the changes in my career, and in the world at large, since those early…

artificial intelligence lining up for jobs
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the NZ Job Market

Jobs will be lost, but that’s not the whole story. Widespread Artificial Intelligence adoption here in NZ will many interesting impacts on society – and on the labour market.

Future of work
The Future of Work in a Digital World

Typically when I picture ‘the future’, I imagine a world in high definition, carefully crafted through CGI and digitally enhanced – much like a sci-fi movie, which I shamelessly love getting into on…

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in NZ: What time are the robots taking over?

Artificial Intelligence is already permeating our daily lives and has the potential to bring huge changes and economic benefits to NZ, but are we ready for it?