What to wear
What to Wear at Work: Summer Edition

The weather is warmer, the sun is out…and what on earth do you wear to a job interview?! We’ve got you (literally!) covered with these top tips.

Adjust Your CV for the New Zealand Market

Are you moving to New Zealand, and ready to start your job hunt? Take the ‘Kiwi way’ into consideration, and adapt your CV to the local market when applying for jobs.

Dispelling Temping Myths

Temping is a sad road to nowhere? Far from it! Candidate Manager Brydie is determined to shatter the negative myths around temp work in her latest blog.

Helping, or hindering?

There are so many people and voices in recruitment, that I often think how hard it must be for candidates to know who to listen to for advice. I think many of us…

New Role, New Challenges

Recently taking over a secondment in our Wellington branch has not only meant commuting from Auckland each week, but stepping into a new role. This is how I’ve managed both the personal and professional challenges.

How can the inexperienced gain experience?
How can the inexperienced gain experience?

Our advice to candidates in this situation is to start small and look for a role that can get you a step closer to what you want.