The Real World of Contracting

Employment can take on a range of forms – there are permanent, part time, temporary, fixed-term, and contracting positions. When interviewing candidates and discussing their preferences, I would have to say that the…

How Honest Should You Be With Your Recruiter?

Coming in to my tenth year in recruitment, I’d say my gut instinct (a.k.a. BS detector) is one of my most valuable assets. Without it I’m sure I would’ve made some candidate/client matches…

artificial intelligence lining up for jobs
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the NZ Job Market

Jobs will be lost, but that’s not the whole story. Widespread Artificial Intelligence adoption here in NZ will many interesting impacts on society – and on the labour market.

Networking Advice for Beginners

If you’re a natural when it comes to talking to strangers, then you may find networking a breeze. However for many others it can be a real struggle to approach people, start a…

Future of work
The Future of Work in a Digital World

Typically when I picture ‘the future’, I imagine a world in high definition, carefully crafted through CGI and digitally enhanced – much like a sci-fi movie, which I shamelessly love getting into on…

Woman thinking about what questions to ask during an interview
What questions should I ask during an interview?

Now that you’ve secured an interview, it’s time to prep. Here are a few tips to help you determine what questions to ask your interviewer and ensure the role is the right one for you.

Four hidden challenges when direct hiring contractors

It sounds simple enough to hire a contractor directly to your business, but have you considered the true costs?

Market trends in the accounting & finance industry

Observing the landscape as we sit more than midway through 2016, it’s very safe to say that the finance and accounting market continues to flourish.