The Real World of Contracting

Employment can take on a range of forms – there are permanent, part time, temporary, fixed-term, and contracting positions. When interviewing candidates and discussing their preferences, I would have to say that the…

Tips for Sustainability At Work

Start reducing your impact on the planet with these six easy tips for sustainability in the workplace, from our Associate Consultant, Roisin.

My Volunteering Story

I can still recall those hot, sticky afternoons where I would sit in an office or a meeting room, waiting for my mother to finish seeing her patients. At times I would be…

Broadening Horizons, and Minds

It’s been 10 years since my wife and I left NZ for our ‘Overseas Experience’ (OE). Lots of Kiwis do this, and we trotted off to the United Kingdom (UK) to do the…

New Zealand: A Country of Volunteers

In honour of #NVW2019, Senior Consultant Kate talks about her amazing experiences volunteering, and provides some resources so that you can get involved too.

Change jobs
Is it time for me to change jobs?

Deciding to change jobs is a big call, but it can be difficult to figure out if it’s the right decision for you. Fear not, asking yourself these 5 questions can help.

Sport Can Influence Your Work Life

You know the usual reasons for playing sport, and regular exercise; but have you considered the professional benefits?

Do virtues matter in the modern world?

A couple of weeks ago, I listened to a podcast which gave me an opportunity for a bit of introspection. It was an interview with David Brooks, the author of ‘The Road to…

back to work
Back to work after baby

I know this is probably not the first blog post you’ve seen about the experience of returning to work post-baby. It’s a popular topic for a reason; after all a fairly significant percentage…