Exploring our own Backyard

As I am writing this, the New Zealand border is closed, and there is no international tourism on the horizon. These border measures have put many people’s travel plans on hold, but do…

Adjust Your CV for the New Zealand Market

Are you moving to New Zealand, and ready to start your job hunt? Take the ‘Kiwi way’ into consideration, and adapt your CV to the local market when applying for jobs.

Dispelling Temping Myths

Temping is a sad road to nowhere? Far from it! Candidate Manager Brydie is determined to shatter the negative myths around temp work in her latest blog.

Broadening Horizons, and Minds

It’s been 10 years since my wife and I left NZ for our ‘Overseas Experience’ (OE). Lots of Kiwis do this, and we trotted off to the United Kingdom (UK) to do the…

new to new zealand
New to New Zealand?

Have you just arrived, or are you planning a working holiday to New Zealand? We’ve got hot tips for getting settled, and set up for work from someone who’s been there, done that.

bucket list
My North Island Bucket List

Despite the slight blip in the fine weather this past weekend, summer isn’t quite over yet, and we still have a good few weeks left!!  So…I figured, what better time to write a…

Making a home, away from home

A few years ago, my Dad and Step Mum visited New Zealand for six weeks to enjoy a good look at what is pegged as one of the most beautiful countries in the…

Mt Ruapehu
A Canadian’s guide to skiing on Mt Ruapehu

This month, Madison is focussing on the theme of Health and Wellness, so it’s the perfect time to share my favourite rejuvenating activity & a few tips!