Talent Development and Training

We aim to add value and assistance beyond purely the supply of talent, and offer training to improve outcomes along every point of the recruitment and selection process. Our training is always based on current best practice, leveraged from the on-going, continual up-skilling and development of our own employees. The most commonly requested sessions include Best Practice Recruitment and Selection, Standalone Interviewing Training, Career Workshops, and Communication Training, but we offer many more topics depending on need, and we frequently develop bespoke solutions in order to achieve our clients’ critical outcomes. Alongside the group training we offer individual coaching which is again bespoke and focused on desired outcomes for both organisation and individual.

A Guide to Video Interviewing for Hiring Managers
Video interviewing

Video interviews are a great way to assess candidates remotely. Instead of meeting a candidate in person or speaking on the phone, hiring managers can interview candidates virtually using video interview software or…

temporary workforce
The Value of Engaging a Temporary Workforce

New Zealand has received accolades on a global stage, all thanks to our collective efforts to get COVID-19 under control here. Although we may not be fully through the storm just yet, restrictions…

first impressions
Do you have a role you’re looking to fill? Remember, first impressions count

Your business, your company name, your culture and what you stand for as an employer. All of these things have a spotlight on them when advertising a job to market. In times of…